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Meet The Maaias

Back in 2004, Linda & Levi Maaia stepped into a local, analog-driven cable TV company that was bound for extinction. At least, that’s what their competitors thought.

Through innovative strategies, Linda & Levi re-envisioned the company — Full Channel —  as a state-of-the-art, fiber-rich, digital communications network, while successfully turning around a declining subscriber base, posting consistent profits, and expanding revenue generating units.

For 13 years, the Maaias successfully competed with major MSOs, telcos and satellite TV providers, building intrinsic value that culminated in a fruitful sale.

How to learn to love Goliath:
And to eat part of his lunch.

As the only independent broadband provider in Rhode Island, Full Channel evolved with the digital communications industry under Linda & Levi’s leadership — offering state-of-the-art digital entertainment and communications services.

The Maaias also offered something else the majors couldn’t — an authentic community connection. They used this connection to strengthen customer loyalty and goodwill. Augmenting that connection with their groundbreaking GreenLink® initiative: an innovative partnership with People’s Power & Light to deliver broadband services via 100% local wind power.

Mountains we've already climbed:

And capabilities we've built.

We’ve been through the trials and tribulations of the major change needed to survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive environment. So we’ve built a deep understanding of what it takes. Ranging from the business basics of negotiating favorable contracts with content providers — to the massive task of rebuilding a technical infrastructure to truly compete — and everything in between.


Areas of expertise:

Financial, cost/benefit analysis

Rate and pricing structure

Business development and expansion

Technical planning and systems integration

Network/infrastructure deployment and project management

Branding and marketing strategy in competitive environments

Media and public relations

Renewable energy and efficiency analysis

Retransmission consent and license fee negotiations

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