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Linda and Levi Maaia, former lead executives at Full Channel, are co-founders of innovative consultancy



From 2004 through 2018, Linda and Levi Maaia transformed Full Channel, Inc. from a local analog-driven cable TV company into a state-of-the-art, fiber-rich, digital communications network. During this evolution, the Maaias successfully competed with major MSOs, telcos and satellite TV providers, while building intrinsic value that culminated in the fruitful sale of the Rhode Island-based company.

With the creation of Maaia Communications, the Maaias are now leveraging the knowledge and expertise gained during the Full Channel evolution to help similar providers to compete and thrive. Their mission is to help independent providers to keep pace with requisite business, technological and service advancements — in order to develop and retain a strong subscriber base, expand revenue generating units and increase overall profits.

“Today’s telecom industry is more complex than ever, and largely dominated by corporate giants,” says Linda Jane Maaia, former Full Channel CEO and co-founder of the firm. “We’ve already climbed the mountains other independents are facing now. These challenges range from the business basics of effective content contract negotiations, to the massive task of rebuilding infrastructure in competitive marketplaces, and everything in between.”

Levi C. Maaia spearheaded the Full Channel technology strategy during its metamorphosis. Through the synergy of their leadership, Full Channel successfully turned around a declining subscriber base while making highly successful forays into digital and high-definition television, IP telephony and renewable energy solutions.

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